Wuhan waterlogging situation in jeopardy! Subway station, the water of the Yangtze river tunnel once closed,142 roads impassable

Affected by the heavy rain,Wuhan 142 roads impassable

Overnight rain, hubei wuhan road is wet. Wuhan municipal government emergency affairs issued a notice: overnight zhuhai has launched stains red alert. Please every relevant departments and organizations at the grass-roots level staff personnel mount guard on the road, to row stains safe. Citizens, please tell each other, vehicles will be moved to safe area as soon as possible!

Multiple station closed station for pumping water

According to @ wuhan metro operation:

06:45, because of the weather reason, line 4 wuchang railway station exit B suddenly into the water;

07:38, because of the weather reason, central south road 2, line 4 C2 exit suddenly into the water;

07:41, because of the weather reason, line 4 meiyuan village station suddenly A gateway into the water;

The above site temporarily closed measures.

Hankou river beach all gate closed.

The city traffic affected severe

142 roads impassable

As of this morning at 8:30, the city's vehicle impassable roads caused by wet a total of 142. Calling for "people can't go out, let's try not to go out".

113 bus lines down

Steam turbine crossing the suspension

Blue national highway intersection

Donghu Road ↓

The primary school of the JieDaoKou ↓

East lake development zone, JinXiuLiangYuan community ShuiLan road ↓

YongQing street ↓

HuangLi road underground passage ↓

The stomatological hospital of wuhan university gate  hospital road has a river mouth↓

Heavy rains will continue

Wuhan city meteorological station at 4 to 7 July 06, 2016 issued a red rainstorm warning signal, in the next 3 hours, there are more than 100 millimeters of precipitation, southern jiangxia accompanied by thunder and lightning, wind 6-8, urban waterlogging, geological disasters, small and medium-sized rivers flood risk level is very high, please pay attention to guard against.

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